If loving on your skin is wrong , then I don't wanna be right  

Some beauty work I did for Hartford fashion week ✨ #editorial #beauty #fashion #glamour #m

Expectations exceeded! I’ve received 3 different services so far and plan to keep going down the list. The thunder cat was amazing, then switched to sugaring which was phenomenal. She is very professional and down to earth. She eased all my anxiety because let’s be honest when it’s our first time doing something new we’re all a bit nervous. Comfortability is key- I won’t be seeking services elsewhere. I also received a facial. The mood in the room was so relaxing it only intensified my service. Highly recommend!

" Megan S."


I went to Corinthians beauty for a hydrating facial, I had a great experience & my skin felt amazing. She made me feel comfortable and extremely relaxed. She's incredible at what she does, I will definitely be going back.

Jerrica R

I went to Corinthian to get a “Thunder Cat” service, she did such an amazing job and took her time, it came out perfect. Corinthian knew exactly what she was doing and was able to tell me things I didn’t even know. The experience was 10/10, I’ll be going there from now on.

Brittany D

I don’t usually make any reviews regarding any services that I pay for, or anything at all. But, if you’re looking for a considerate, flexible, and excepting make up artist/esthetician, Corinthians got you covered. I had my wedding yesterday, December 19, which wouldn’t have gone as well as a dead, if it wasn’t for her make up skills, and her consideration on what I wanted as a customer. I don’t know how to post pictures on here, but please know that my makeup was really good and I would totally go back to her for more of her services

Allyson C